Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cavite - Tagaytay Spontaenous Trip

So last Dec. 20-21 me and some of my office mates were invited for Jape's sister's 18th birthday. The day started with us in the office since we have half-day of work that saturday, after that we had lunch at SM Megamall, after that we went to Cubao to get one of my office mate's rented costume for our Christmas party, after that we went to Baclaran to nuy flowers, and finally after that we went to Indang, Cavite for the party. The trip was very tiresome but fun, the trip was I think at least 2 hours from Baclaran. When nearing Indang the climate starts to drop very rapidly and I didn't have any jacket to protect me from the cold! I think it was below 20 degrees Celsius imagine that!

At the party, it started very very late at 11pm, it was all ok but all we wanted was the drinking session after that and it was SUPERB! We drank our guts out 'til the wee morning!

The drinking session was unusual, someone went mad cow on us, someone went barkada hopping, and someone, I mean sometwo, went labing labing hahahahaha!

After waking up in the morning, we went to Jape's place to have lunch part 1 and have some rest! After that, we went to TAGAYTAY! hoyeh! I really missed that place, that cold awesome place!

There we had our lunch part 2 hehehehe! Lunch of Bulalo and sisig and it was great! Highly recommended by me! We had lots of pictures right there by the Taal lake view.

I recommend bringing a jacket or sweater when going to these high places because temperatures drop before you could say "hoyeh!"

More pics after the jump!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Batangas Adventure - Acuatico

Me and my college buddies went to Acuatico Resort in Laiya, Batangas on Dec13-14, 2008. It was a fun-filled trip! We had many stopovers on the way the whole trip going there from Manila was about 3-4 hours depending on traffic and of course, we had many stopovers.

At Robinson's Lipa we had to buy our lunch so that we don't have to buy at the resort because its too expensive. So I bought my lunch from KFC and from there we learned a new word to add to our dictionaries: Machulete. All we know is that this one particular asked the cashier for a machulete and her companion said it was a word for tissue! hahaha! That was the word for the day and boy, was it very funny! Anyways, back to our trip, after Robinson's Lipa we went straight to our almost secret hideaway.

We arrived at Acuatico and it was a beauty! This resort is highly recommend for a quick trip outside Manila to getaway for a while. The food was great (buffet dinner and breakfast), the infinity pool was infinite! hahaha (their main attraction), and the houses were great, nice beds and comfort rooms and the resort has free WiFi.

We just hung-out at the pool because the beach smells fishy (literally!) but still we went kayaking just for the fun of it and it was tiresome.

Here are some pictures from the resort:

All in all this vacation was all worth it!

starting point

I finally decided to start a travel blog (kinda) so that I can share my adventures with all of you who want to go out and those who are already out there. Since I just started I'll be posting my "adventures" of the past year 2008.

Oh and by the way I'm from the Philippines and all of my adventures will set foot there. :)